About Us

We’re here because your SMB deserves the Power to Know

Mission & Vision

We see a world where small and medium businesses transformed through the power of data and analytics.

MySASteam offers its clients revolutionary data analytics solutions based on the SAS® platform. We enable your company to make exciting discoveries every day, allowing you to take equally bold action in response.

Whether it’s giving you easier access to your data, building reports, providing tools and necessary resources, MySASteam is here to support you the entire way.

We don’t just deliver products or services. We are your strong ally that helps you reach your organisation’s full potential through data analytics.

Why Work with Us?

Technical Expertise

Our teams are made up of dedicated professionals with multi-disciplined backgrounds such as mathematics, statistics, data-science, and data integration.

With MyDataforce as your partner, you benefit from the support of an entire team rather than individual consultants.

Leverage the experience of these specialists and bring their skills and expertise into your organisation today.

Portfolio in Various Industries

Technical expertise is only part of the equation. The success of a data management project is largely the result of subject matter expertise. The team behind MyDataforce has been involved in projects in the following industries: Banking, Finance, Insurance, Telecoms, and Retail/E-Commerce.

Having worked with organisations in varied sectors and scale, MyDataforce is able to understand what is important to you and your company.

Project Management

The downfall of many data management projects of scale is poor project management. To avoid this, we give you full transparency.

We offer visibility on how we utilise time and manage talent at a very granular level. Fully appreciate the steps involved in attaining the results you are looking for through our near real-time documentation.

With this, the likelihood of delivering the project on time, within scope, and on budget, increases drastically.

One Stop Shop for Data Management

The process of building a data management solution involves many parts including the proper tools. With MyDataforce, we recommend the technologies most suited to your organisation and facilitate your access to them.

With our existing partnerships, the best and latest tools and software are within your reach without having to manage multiple vendor relationships.

Our Values

At MySASteam, part of the {An}alytium Group, these values are what guide our every decision. They allow us to work effectively with each other and our customers.


We show the utmost respect for the time and resources our clients give us. In return, we are committed to maximise the impact of this trust placed in us.

We understand that trust is maintained through consistency, honesty, and transparency.

To facilitate transparency, we keep our communication lines open and welcome feedback to create win-win solutions.

Continued Innovation

We believe that innovation happens daily as we learn from new information, perspectives from other people.

We are trusted by our customers and peers to be the best we can be and continuously improve ourselves and deliver optimal outcomes.

We refuse to stay stagnant and challenge ourselves and one another to keep on getting better.


It’s easy to lose sight of an end-goal. For this reason, we constantly reflect and re-evaluate the effectivity of our strategies.

Even with the fast pace and constant change, we stay true to our course to achieve the objectives we and our clients set out.

Let’s Get the Conversation Going

At MySASteam, we believe that every SMB deserves the Power to Know. Please leave your details below so we can find the best solution for your organisation. We’ll call you.