Migrating from SAS on a mainframe: The many challenges, and how to plan for success

Whether you’re considering making a move from your mainframe for technology, cost or skillset reasons, it can be one of the most challenging migrations to make.

Careful planning and analysis are vital tools for success.

During this webinar, the my[sas]team industry experts will show you:
– Our experience and best practice for assessing and pre-planning your migration
– Defining the project scope and success criteria
– Challenges and roadblocks to look out for
– How the SAS code parser can help
– A demonstration of possible outcomes
– Next steps to take
– And much more, including a Q&A session to address any questions you may have.


– Pavel Rogatch   – Senior Data Scientist– A SAS-certified specialist, he has used both SAS 9 and SAS Viya in real-life projects. He has experience in working with different clients throughout the UK and Europe.

– Stefan Stoyanov – Associate Data Scientist – A consultant who helps businesses grow by achieving their analytical goals. Stefan applies practical data science approaches to allow companies to make better decisions, while getting the most from their analytics platforms in the cloud. 

– Steve Skinner – Sales Manager – Steve has end-to-end responsibility for Analytium’s blueprint for repeatable success which utilises a proof of concept to prove a recommended solution, rather than a ‘try before you buy’ type offer. By proving an ROI or business case in production, Steve builds long-term relationships and connections with his customer base.

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