SAS® DevTeam

Delegate your entire SAS® development project

Bespoke Integration

SAS® offers plenty off-the-shelf products and services. These will cover most of your organisation’s needs, for everything else, there’s SASDevTeam.

Experience the best of both worlds, established products fit for your SMB, without developing from scratch. Our experts provide full Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Support, from procurement to deployment, administration, development and decommission.

Best of Breed Synergy

Building an in-house expert team takes time. Competition for talent can be intense, with qualified candidates often opting for employment at a larger corporation rather than an SMB. If you can hire individuals with the necessary competencies, it takes time to gel as a team.

With SAS® DevTeam, this pre-work has already been done, and the teams deployed to your project are ready to hit the ground running.

Best Practices

With SAS® DevTeam, your organisation avoids common mistakes associated with developing a SAS® project. Leverage our experts’ mastery of your industry, geography, and technology. Allow us to flag risks, present proven methods, and provide alternatives.

Incorporate software development, project management, analytics, and business process best practices into your organisation as your team interfaces with ours.

Reduced Resourcing Costs

Our highly skilled personnel can accomplish tasks in a shorter period. Bring in our experts only until the job is finished, not a minute more.

Our onshore business analysts guarantee that local industry standards are always considered. For other tasks, take advantage of nearshoring. Our network of developers and analysts based in Western Europe helps you keep costs low while remaining compliant with UK data security and taxation policies.

Moreover, SAS® DevTeam delivers SAS® solutions exclusively, so your SMB benefits from the training and facilities we provide our workforce.

Solution Description

Bespoke SAS® solutions tailored to your SMB

The right tools and software can drive innovation in any organisation. SAS® DevTeam creates data analytics solutions tailor-made to your company’s requirements, based on acclaimed products from analytics giant, SAS®.

Leverage the features of comprehensive off-the-shelf SAS® solutions by allowing the SAS® DevTeam to configure and customise the products for your requirements.
Completely outsource the integration to SAS® DevTeam so that you can focus on your core business.

For Whom

Who Needs SAS® DevTeam

  • For SMBs looking for a seamless integration of their existing systems and SAS® products and services
  • For organisations looking for a bundled SAS® implementation with faster ROI and less surprises
  • For IT departments that want a SAS® solution but don’t have the expertise readily available

Let’s Get the Conversation Going

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