SAS® Licenses

Simplifying your SAS® License purchasing decisions

Zero Commitment Consultancy

While SAS® offers a very exhaustive range of products and services, we understand that there are limits to the resources of an SMB.

Ask us about the best products and services that fit your use case. Make informed procurement decisions considering the number of users, order of acquistion, timing, and bundling of the SAS® products, to optimise your purchase.

MySASteam offers SAS® License consultancy at no cost, with no strings attached.

Guided Purchasing Process

Signing with a large corporation can be a formidable exercise for an SMB. MySASteam navigates you through the procurement process to guarantee a smooth transaction. Take advantage of our established relationship with SAS®, so you get the best deal possible.

If your technology stack involves vendors, your company can take advantage of MySASteam’s partnerships with the leading data analytics solution providers. Instead of approaching individual vendors directly, MySASteam streamlines your software acquisition.

Insider Information

As a Silver Partner and Reseller, MySASteam has access to the latest SAS® news and updates. Keep abreast with the latest inside information and trends that could keep you ahead of your competition.

With MySASteam, your organisation continuously learns from the best practices of SAS® implementations across the world. Hear about what’s going on in your industry. Learn from the experiences of other SAS® customers, large enterprise and SMB alike.

Specialised SMB Support

With over 40 years of experience, leading companies worldwide trust SAS®. Rightfully so, SAS’ data security, proven algorithms, and scalability are unparalleled.

MySASteam provides specialised support to SMBs, ensuring your organisation is always a priority. We are your SMBs lifeline, so there’s no need to stand in queue for support.

No matter what size your business, access the best tools that propel your organisation to greater heights.

Solution Description

Extending our SAS® partnership to your SMB

SAS® is a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in the analytics platform space. For over 40 years, the world’s top corporations have trusted SAS’ visionary data science, data integration, data quality, and digital marketing analytics tools.

Imagine the benefits this platform could bring to your organisation.

MySASteam is a SAS® Silver Partner and Reseller specialising in analytics, data management, and visualisation.

You can trust us to guide you through the entire SAS® license procurement process. We recommend the licenses best suited to your SMBs analytics use case, assist with the installation, conduct training, and provide technical support.

We ensure that your licenses are up-to-date so that you always have access to the products and services that take your company to greater heights.

Gain the Power to Know, no matter what size your business.

For Whom

Who Needs SAS® Licenses

  • Business owners new to this platform, with little or no expertise in SAS®
  • SMBs that need more active, post-installation support
  • IT departments needing a more complicated integration involving SAS® and other data analytics technology
  • Procurement departments looking for best ways to purchase SAS® Licenses

Let’s Get the Conversation Going

At MySASteam, we believe that every SMB deserves the Power to Know. Please leave your details below so we can find the best solution for your organisation. We’ll call you.