SAS® Services

The right talent, in the right place, at the right time

Just in Time Talent

With MySASteam, you can tap into a trusted source of reliable, highly skilled talent who understand your business and industry.

Unlike an in-house team which demands constant utilisation, our people only join your organisation when your requirements demand it and leave as soon as the project is finished.

Reduced HR Burden

Reduce mis-hires and provide your HR department with a shortcut to find quality, on-demand talent. MySASteam guarantees a well-trained workforce, ready to report in as low as two business days.

Give your HR department the freedom to focus on higher-order tasks such as resource strategy, maintaining culture, and retention of your core team.

Flexibility with Contingencies

While some companies have had much success outsourcing to freelancers, sizeable projects may need more commitment than an individual can provide. MySASteam has the resources and the workforce to schedule and substitute its resources with minimum risk to your project and its deadline.

With MySASteam, you can rest assured that there will always be someone to perform a job and finish it well.

Training Path with Immediate ROI

Training is vital if SAS® skills are part of your organisation’s core skills.

With the MySASteam working alongside your internal human resources, your team gains skills as a project is delivered. Your in-house team learns hands-on through highly qualified, SAS® certified resources.

In the context of a SAS® implementation, you meet two objectives, developing useful technology for your organisation’s use and provide experiential learning for your team.

Solution Description

Analysis-ready data at your fingertips

MySASteam helps you fill the short-term SAS® skill gaps in your own workforce.

We deploy highly trained developers and analysts with the following SAS® certifications:

  • Statistical Business Analyst Using SAS® 9 Regression and Modeling
  • Data Integration Developer for SAS® 9
  • Platform Administrator for SAS® 9
  • Advanced Programmer for SAS® 9
  • Predictive Modeler using Enterprise Miner 13
  • Base Programmer for SAS® 9

Our team also offers allied services, including:

  • Project management
  • Process documentation
  • Change Management

Scale your team dynamically with an on-call, ultra-flexible and multi-talented workforce.

For more details, proceed to our expertise page.

For Whom

Who Needs SAS® Services

  • IT departments and business units that have SAS® expertise but need additional help for a limited period
  • HR departments that have limited budget to recruit and train staff
  • SMBs looking to keep their teams lean and focused on their core business
  • Companies undergoing a digital transformation that need to be supported by a talent transformation

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