Meet your webinar hosts:

Mikalai Varapaeu 
SAS Consultant 

Mikalai is a SAS consultant at my{sas} team, part of Analytium and a medical doctor with experience in bioequivalence clinical trials and pharmacovigilance.


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Did you know that most clinical teams feel that the management of clinical trial data from medical and mobile devices is one of the most important issues to be addressed in the near future? And just as many in the Industry experience finding the right people with the skills to manage this data as equally challenging. All of this can contribute to clinical trial delays, human errors, and clinical trial submission issues. 

There is another way. Let the my{sas}team show you:

  • An introduction to CAS
  • How to use CAS (demo)
  • Using CAS in clinical trials
  • CAS in clinical data management (short demo)
  • And much more, including a Q&A session to address any questions you may have
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 SAS Viya for Clinical Trials:  

Transforming medical research practice in the cloud

This webinar will start at 11 a.m. BST on 21st of June 2022

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Vasilij Nevlev
SAS Consultant 

Director at Analytium and highly skilled SAS consultant with many years of experience implementing end-to-end advanced business solutions using analytics.

About the webinar

We welcome you to the second live seminar to explore how the world-leading* SAS Viya platform is used by Clinical Research Organisations for clinical trials, as well as a live hands-on experience of using the state-of-the-art analytical platform. 

Let my{sas} team show you how we help CROs to work with processing large datasets and complex analytics, while dramatically reducing the overhead and time associated with them when using SAS Viya CAS in the cloud.

Using Cloud Analytical Services in Clinical Trials